Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree.....

After waiting for a week because of rain to go and get our Christmas tree we finally picked a night, a COLD night, to go and do just that.

She was more excited then she looks here and we sang carols in the car all the way to Lowe's. I think this is extra fun for me since I grew up with a fake tree each year. SO I really love going on a chilly night to pick out just the right one.

Karina searching in the "forest" of trees.

We found it! And it was only twenty bucks!!

My little helper while we gathered scraps for making a wreath or two.

My sweet hubby getting it all tied down. Goes nicely with our green car doncha think?

Then it was home to put on a Christmas movie and break out the eggnog while we decorated!

A little mixed drink was an order for Jeff. :)

And this was dinner.

Karina actually asked to put the star on and that made me melt. She is getting so big and thought this was all so much fun this year.

Ready to decorate!

And there she goes.

Ok so after maybe five or six ornaments she was done and ready to kick back and watch the Christmas movie. She loves her some candy canes just like her mamma. :) I'll be sure to stick some pics of the finished tree up real soon. We ended up putting her to bed and then I finished up. And I loved every minute. Getting the ornaments out that we have been given and some that I have bought on special trips warmed my heart. I hope you all are having sweet moments too and enjoying every moment of your little ones while they are still little!


martha - caknitter said...

Awe, such a perfect evening. :-)

Kim said...

Love traditions. Great night.
This year is the first year since we had kids that one of them did not put the topper on the tree. It was typically Bekah. We just can't pick her up anymore! She is too tall. Rich did last year though when she was 16! It brought back so many memories seeing Karina put the topper on the tree. Thank you.