Friday, December 11, 2009

baking and a movie

These are the yummy cookies I made for our cookie exchange minus the white chocolate drizzled on top (because I was in a hurry to get to the party and didn't get a picture of them finished). I'll have to share the recipe later though it is so simple I should just tell you now. Ok I'll tell you now. All it is is a sugar cookie recipe that I found online, but you could use a tub dough like they say in that first pic, with candy cane chunks mixed in and baked. Then I stuck in some more candy on the top for decoration. And then you drizzle white chocolate all over the top. These might be my new favorite Christmas cookie.

This is just a cute candy dish sitting on my kitchen counter I found a couple years ago.

And this is what we did while the cookies baked. We watched and sang along with "White Christmas". Karina's daddy doesn't really care for musicals. But I think I found my new bud to watch them with. Karina loved singing with the songs and dancing all around.

Love it!

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emily said...

i can attest that these cookies are MMM MMM GOOD! i did not grab enough of them at the cookie exchange!!! i want to make them soon!