Saturday, December 19, 2009


Found this little advent calender house while shopping the day after Christmas with my sweet sister in law last year. It looks very German to me. And since we spent a lot of my childhood in Germany it is a sweet reminder to me of our time there. I love it and I think Karina does too. The silly thing is she had so much fun filling it up but we haven't even remembered to open it up each day. It's probably a good thing though since we are SURROUNDED by sweets this time of year. I'm sure next year she won't let me forget!

She is very excited as we count down the days and as much as I wish she could comprehend the awesome gift of Jesus' birth I know that will come in the years ahead. It truly is a feat to keep things focused on Christ when gifts and Santa are mentioned everywhere our little ones turn. And though I am excited about giving Karina some very special things on Christmas day we are seriously considering changing how we as a family do things next year.

I will say though that I was really blessed when we talked with a little old lady in the grocery store parking lot the other day. Instead of saying what everyone else has to Karina about what she's "getting from Santa", she asked Karina if she knew who's birthday it was that we celebrate. SO I praise the Lord for that lady and the gift that she was that day to me.

Hope you are all excited about celebrating our Saviours birth, life, death and Resurrection!! Praise be to Him!

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