Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's is here?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you will all have a happy happy new year. Our Christmas was lovely and I will share more soon. But this little man was one of the great highlights for me this year. He is my new little nephew and after we met I fell in love! My brother and his wife came to stay with us for a few days after Christmas and I so thrilled on waking up to this little guys sweet noises! He and I even had some precious times together in the morning just the two of us. I love the surprised look on his face in this picture and it really sums up what I am feeling about it being 2010 tomorrow! AHHHH! Can't believe it but I sure am excited to see all that God has for us in the year to come!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas parade....

...and some very silly kids waiting for it to start. They were so funny wanting pictures taken of their goofiness! It was a cold night but lots of fun. Karina's Uncle Jonathan was in the parade and Karina just loves spending time with these cousins of hers. Not to mention I love spending time with my sister!! So I just had to share! Hope you get a good laugh. :)

Let it snow?

Ok so the chances of us getting snow here are slim to none, but one can dream right? Karina and I went on a wintery stroll the other night checking out a few of our neighbors decorations and she sure had fun. She has seen snow and even built a real snowman before, but you would've thought these were even better when she saw them!

This might be my favorite from that night and maybe all month. I still can't believe sometimes that God has blessed me with this precious little lady and all the fun we've had and all that's yet to come. She truly does bring so much JOY to my life and I praise God for the gift she is to me!

And home again. I would love to go on another walk through more of our neighborhood before all the lovely lights are taken down. Maybe Jeff will go with us next time. He was a sweetie and put up our lights all the way around the house and they look so wintery! Hope you all are enjoying some chilly weather too whether it's by the fire, or out on a walk.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A pirates life for me.....

Just had to share a few pictures from my sweet nephews pirate birthday party earlier this month. He is such a sweetheart and I love him so much. And what a cute pirate he makes. I even brought some of my own pirates to the party!

A daddy and daughter pirate pair!

Jeff cracked me up when we got to the party and he came out of the bathroom looking like this. Must say I would fall for a pirate that looks like him. Wait I did fall for a pirate that looks like him. :)

My sister did a great job from the pirate ship cake to the cannonball pinata. The kids sure had fun whacking away at it. And even more fun grabbing the goods!

Then it was outside on the boardwalk for a treasure hunt. They hid little gold coins and gold brick looking boxes filled with candy for the kids to find.

Then it was back in for gifts and cake and what a fun way it was to spend a Sunday afternoon. Oh and I didn't mention we had a yummy grilled lunch. SO thanks Tam and Jonathan for having us and all the work it took. I know your little man loved every minute!

Sweet times!

A couple weeks ago now we had a wonderful luncheon cookie exchange with the ladies of our church. It was a wonderful time of fun games, sweet fellowship, yummy food and delicious cookies! My sister decorated the table that I sat at and it was beautiful. Not only because of her arrangement but of the sweet ladies at our table too!! I loved sitting at a table with my dear mom, sister and sister in law as well as some very dear and close friends of mine.

I also loved my friend Heather's table and think it was my favorite. I am a sucker for square plates and love those reindeer too!!! Great job Heather!

My sweet sister in law, Emily, planned some really cute games for us to play and these little gifts were part of one. They had some really neat ornaments in them and I'll post some pictures soon of the cute snowman one I came home with.

This is a beautiful salad that my mom brought and man was it good! I had some fun doing the decorations for the food tables the night before and was so happy to see all the ladies enjoying how it looked!

My dear friends I love SO MUCH! (They are also my knitting buddies!)

My mom, sis, and me having a wonderful time!

Everyone digging in!

I had to include a pic of these cute little ladies who were so sweet to help and serve that day!

Then it was cookie time! And as crazy as it sounds I think I am a picky cookie eater. I only liked a few of the ones that were there. But I guess it could also be a good thing right? :) Hope you are all having some sweet times of your own!

Frosty the snowman...

.....kind of. :) This is about as close as we will get to a snowman where we live and so Karina and I had some fun making this little guy one day. I just love doing crafts with her and I think she enjoys them just the same!

Hope everyone is enjoying some seasonal fun!


Found this little advent calender house while shopping the day after Christmas with my sweet sister in law last year. It looks very German to me. And since we spent a lot of my childhood in Germany it is a sweet reminder to me of our time there. I love it and I think Karina does too. The silly thing is she had so much fun filling it up but we haven't even remembered to open it up each day. It's probably a good thing though since we are SURROUNDED by sweets this time of year. I'm sure next year she won't let me forget!

She is very excited as we count down the days and as much as I wish she could comprehend the awesome gift of Jesus' birth I know that will come in the years ahead. It truly is a feat to keep things focused on Christ when gifts and Santa are mentioned everywhere our little ones turn. And though I am excited about giving Karina some very special things on Christmas day we are seriously considering changing how we as a family do things next year.

I will say though that I was really blessed when we talked with a little old lady in the grocery store parking lot the other day. Instead of saying what everyone else has to Karina about what she's "getting from Santa", she asked Karina if she knew who's birthday it was that we celebrate. SO I praise the Lord for that lady and the gift that she was that day to me.

Hope you are all excited about celebrating our Saviours birth, life, death and Resurrection!! Praise be to Him!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Our picture of Karina this year reminded me of this one taken when she was 1 yr. old. It is so much fun to look back and see how much she has grown and changed. It makes me a little sad too though knowing that she isn't my little baby anymore. But I will cherish every moment and pray that God grows her into the lovely woman he wants her to be. She is so much fun right now and I know we will always have that something special just the two of us. Yes, we are her daddy's girls but we are also each others best buddies. That's not to say that I think you should be your child's friend instead of parent. I highly disagree with that way of thinking. But I see that as we raise her she desires that closeness with both of us even after the discipline has been done. So sweet Karina mommy loves you and I am so glad God blessed us with you!

Something sweet!

This is a little goodie that Karina and I had fun making up as a gift to give to our neighbors. Now if we can only get them out of the house before we eat them all. I guess we'll just have to make some more! :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

So sweet!!

Oh Christmas Tree.....

After waiting for a week because of rain to go and get our Christmas tree we finally picked a night, a COLD night, to go and do just that.

She was more excited then she looks here and we sang carols in the car all the way to Lowe's. I think this is extra fun for me since I grew up with a fake tree each year. SO I really love going on a chilly night to pick out just the right one.

Karina searching in the "forest" of trees.

We found it! And it was only twenty bucks!!

My little helper while we gathered scraps for making a wreath or two.

My sweet hubby getting it all tied down. Goes nicely with our green car doncha think?

Then it was home to put on a Christmas movie and break out the eggnog while we decorated!

A little mixed drink was an order for Jeff. :)

And this was dinner.

Karina actually asked to put the star on and that made me melt. She is getting so big and thought this was all so much fun this year.

Ready to decorate!

And there she goes.

Ok so after maybe five or six ornaments she was done and ready to kick back and watch the Christmas movie. She loves her some candy canes just like her mamma. :) I'll be sure to stick some pics of the finished tree up real soon. We ended up putting her to bed and then I finished up. And I loved every minute. Getting the ornaments out that we have been given and some that I have bought on special trips warmed my heart. I hope you all are having sweet moments too and enjoying every moment of your little ones while they are still little!