Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Day fun!

We traveled this Thanksgiving and had a blast. My husbands Aunt and Uncle live about five hours from us and invited us to spend a few days with them and we quickly took them up on the offer. We don't see them very often and always enjoy our time with them. They are great people and we are so blessed to know them and have them as family. These are just a few pics from Thanksgiving day and I will be on soon to share more from our trip.

Uncle Tom and Aunt Pam

Just relaxing at Tom's daughter's house. She was so sweet to have all of us and we really enjoyed spending time with her and her husband too.

This is a long story, but the short version is while Robyn (Tom's daughter on the left) was getting something out of the fridge I noticed right over her head this cake was fixing to fall out of the freezer. The top layer had already slid off the bottom layer but we both caught them and it was salvaged! Oh my what a memory!

Karina keeping busy coloring

This little gal had so much fun chasing and being chased by Robyn's big black lab. She didn't seem to care that there were no kids her age there as long as she could play with the dog. Well more soon and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas too around here so come back soon.


Madison said...

Glad you guys had a great time! Love the cake story! And Karina with the dog not surprising!

BECKY said...

You're too cute, Kris!! It's good to see you having a fun time!! And Karina...well...adorable!!
Love you gal!
Aunt Becky