Friday, November 13, 2009

Niece Week!

I had to share these pictures of my precious little niece on her birthday. We had a wonderful time celebrating this adorable little girls birthday with her and our family. I had fun, well I did get a little stressed out, making her little apron to go with her pots that we gave her for her little kitchen at home. I got stressed out because I thought I had ruined it when the embroidery was messing up on my machine, but after ripping it all out and doing it over it turned out nicely. And tomorrow we get the joy of celebrating another one of my adorable nieces birthdays. I am an auntie with some adorable nieces!! You wouldn't say I'm biased would you? :)


emily said...

MAN! she looks so old in these pictures!!!! what a cutiepie!

we just got home from decorating for niece #2's party... 10:30 pm!! can't wait to see you in the morning. thanks for making the sign- it looks great!!!

Beth W. said...

She does look SO big! And I can definitely see alot of Hayes in her!

BECKY said...

Too cute, Kristie! Also sure do love that photo of Karina in your header!! I just love kid photos shot from the back!! I may have already told you that!!

Love you, gal, and thank you for once again showing Maddy such a great time!! You are such a blessing to her!! (and to me!!)

Love you,
Aunt Becky