Sunday, October 18, 2009

More fun down on the farm....

Hey ya'll! How's that for farm talk. Hehe. We are back from our weekend away from it all and I am keeping my word and showing some more pics from the farm. I do this even though I am aching to share with you all the fun I had over the weekend with my amazing husband, also my best friend! Did I tell you I was going on a lovely camping trip this last weekend? And did I also tell you that we were leaving our little lady with her wonderful grandparents? Well more on that soon, but let's get a sweet taste of fall while I take you on a tour of this great little farm.

This farm was very quaint and a great size for little ones. Karina loved seeing the animals and even the dad's had some good times (as you'll see below). I really enjoyed the scenery and also had an extra special treat when I noticed a sweet lady spinning her own yarn on the front porch of the little store there.

What a cute farm boy!

Not sure if she's checking them out or the other way around.

Can you tell she's an animal lover?

Chatting with the chickens.

The guys having a little fun. And the race is on!

These sweet cousins got in on the fun too.

Too cute!

Look out!

Like father, like daughter.

Just some of the lovely land with pumpkin patch and orchard.

We didn't do the wagon ride but I'm sure it's fun. Maybe on a cooler day it would've been more inviting.

Some other cool things around the farm...

We got some fun pictures of the cousins and really enjoyed our time there with our family and some sweet friends of ours.

After a picnic lunch we headed over to the little pond they had with some fish food (which became duck food) to feed the fish (ducks).

Now this next sequence of pictures cracks me up! I'll put words to what it looks like Karina is telling Caroline.

Karina: "So Caroline they say there are fish in this pond."

Karina: "So where are all these fish?"
Caroline: "I'm sure they're here. Let's be patient."
(Notice Caroline is in the same position and spot)

Karina: "I'm outta here! You wait on the silly fish!"
Caroline: "Here fishy fishy!"
(She is still in the same spot!)

And then they moved on to the ducks who LOVED the food. Much more entertaining!

Mommy and daughter swinging in the shade.

Isn't this oak beautiful!!

Then it was time for some fresh made cider. MAN it was GOOD!

Time to pick out a pumpkin before heading home.

Silly little farm girl!

And a sweet one at that!

Well there you have it. This was a lot more fun then going to a local pumpkin patch in a grocery store parking lot. Thank you Emily for finding it. It was a lovely drive and a lot of fun. So get out and have some fun this fall. And stay tuned for a fun little camping story coming up.


Jackie said...

That farm is gorgeous! Wish we had something like that here! Our farms are all dirt, dirt, a few pigs goats, and more dirt. :)

Oh, and you should take that picture of Karina sitting in the little pink car and submit it to! They do weekly contests and also have photography advice/suggestions on their blog. It's fun and it's neat to see all the other entries!

Love you!

Madison said...

I love that farm I will have to go there sometime! I love your pictures too! I am super excited cause my dad says eventually he will get my mom a rebel. I am so jealous but I can sneak some pics out of it! And Karina with that apple cider is so FUNNY!