Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A camping story

One lovely fall weekend a husband took his wife,
On a beautiful camping getaway, a break from everyday life.

This is living they were saying to each other,
While their sweet little girl stayed with the wife's dear father and mother.

They went out for dinners so she wouldn't have to cook,
to find tasty places it didn't take them long to look.

While away they took long walks, bike rides, ate picnic lunches
and played games,

They even sang silly songs, shared their thoughts and laughed
to many times to name.

Waking up the last day to a crisp blue sky and the joy of sleeping in,
They ate a yummy breakfast and went to enjoy
the beauty of the beach once again.

They couldn't have asked God for a more wonderful time together,
And they thanked Him for giving them such
perfect weather!

In this little story I am she and my man is he and I want to
thank this precious Father of mine,

For to give us each other and a weekend so sweet,
He couldn't be more caring and kind.
Hope you enjoyed my little diddy 'bout campin'. :) I was going to put this in the post with all the pictures, but thought again when my pictures, the "few" I chose, became so many. So soon to follow are the many many pictures. Some of you will think I am pitiful with how many I include, but it truly was hard to pick. So view until you tire of them. But I hope most of you will be able to sit back and enjoy all the loveliness I took in while on this great camping trip. I have already put them in drafts and only have to log my thoughts now. I will keep them short so that you might have a chance at making it through all of them. :)

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