Friday, November 6, 2009

A camping story part 3...

So here is the end of the camping posts. Hope you enjoy it.

This is such a cute and quaint little market with so much character.

Loved the look of this.

Cheese. Yum!

And what is cheese without a little wine?

I almost bought some of this salsa but thought again since it did say, "fiery".

Baskets make things look so appealing.

Cute sign.

Don't these baked goodies look delicious?

I think the crates add so much to this produce display. I know I'm silly.

After roaming the market it was on to the furniture store that I love going in for ideas.


We really enjoyed walking around on this gorgeous day.

Some more pretty finds.

Jeff noticed this first and I LOVE the way the fence shadow is cast onto the canvas.

This is for all you girls out there that are in love with your flip flops. I just bought a new pair at Old Navy yesterday. :)

And there is that lovely beach!

Love the colorful fence!

This is for my sister in law that loves her some cupcakes!

After heading back on our bikes to the campground we were ready to relax and take a nap.

After a snack of course with our tasty strawberry peach jelly we bought at the farmers market.

And we thought we'd finish our game of Scrabble we started the night before.

How sweet is this. I only noticed later that we had the words "in love" on the board.

Later on after getting ready to go we headed out for dinner.

This is a great place to eat.

Look at that yummy shrimp!

Ready to go.

It was pretty chilly this night. But I loved it! Especially after we got back to our campsite and did this!

The next morning was beautiful. We enjoyed a great breakfast of nice hot grits and fruit. I had the cereal out in case we wanted some.

After eating, cleaning up and packing the car we decided to enjoy one more bikeride over to the beach. Aren't these dunes pretty?!

Well this is the end of our trip. We threw the bikes on the rack and after a quick stop at Starbucks we had a lovely drive home going through a few other beach towns.

This little town reminds me of the little villages in Germany. I really am so blessed that we could have this little time away. And I told my hubby I would love to plan a trip just like this to the same place every year.
Soon to come a great soup recipe that you have to try. I even have pictures to go with it! Come back soon.


nancygrayce said...

Such a nice trip for y'all! Looks like you had a good time!

Mariel said...

Hi Kristie!! Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! You are really talented at capturing life through photos. I enjoyed seeing a glimpse from you trip. :)

Mariel said...

P.S. Love the music too. :)

Madison said...

I loooove your photos! Where is this again? I want to go there!