Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crafty fun with the girls

This is my sad attempt at making a pumpkin (shaped) spice cake. Yes the cone is supposed to be the stem. It'll be better next time. But it sure was yummy and it served it's purpose to be a treat to my sweet girlfriends who came over to hang out for coffee and some crafting. Here is what they made....



pumpkin craft

Aren't these so much fun!? A couple weeks ago I went to a dear friends house and we made these with another friend of hers. I can't tell you how much fun it was and it was also pretty easy. My friend's friend had already purchased all the things we'd need so that was an extra blessing. I am so used to lugging my craft stuff whenever we meet. I made another one for my mom, but gave it to her before I took a picture. It was a white one and she loved it. I will be sure to get a picture of it and share it later. Hope you all are enjoying fall and having fun decorating too!

Oh and I gave this green one to my mother in law and kept the orange one for me. They really are a fun gift to give!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reduce Speed Ahead....

I think it is quite appropriate to start off this post with this picture. How many times do we need to see a sign like this in our minds during everyday life. So with that I will tell you a little about our time away.

This is what the sky looked like as we were driving to go to dinner on Friday night. We had gone to the campground and set up our tent, threw everything in it (neatly of course) and got cleaned up to eat out.

The next morning and man was it a gorgeous one!!

We brought some fire wood with us that had dried out over the summer. Man did it make a nice blazing fire for Saturday night!

Breakfast was easy smeazy Saturday morning.

This is our cozy bed and I love how this picture captured the palms outside the tent.

This little guy was scared of nothing!

Do we look happy or what!

The trail from the water to our site.

Our tent is huge, but it doesn't really take long at all to put up. It has three rooms. So if our family grows we should still fit.

We didn't waste any time after eating and took off on our bikes for a lovely time riding through little beach towns. It could not have been nicer with a cool breeze in the air.

He knew I was taking pictures of him and if you know him you can see the smirk on his face while he strikes a pose.


Cool dock.

Yeah now I'm posing.

Being silly.

Love this path and the purple grass.

And there he goes. I better catch up.

Check out those cool glass cattails. They even had lights in them so I know they look really neat at night.

You know me and I couldn't help taking plant and flower pictures.

These next three are kinda funny cause the bee wasn't so happy with me. I guess I got too close for his comfort.

I know everyone around heard me scream when I saw this in the lense of the camera.

Jeff was so patient with me.

One of the little beach towns we rode through had a great little farmers market going on. We bought some yummy strawberry peach jam to eat later with cheese and crackers.

Our bikes that are still pretty new to us. We bought them this summer and love them!

Pretty produce!

Harvesty lookin'.

Love the way this looks even though I don't like okra.

Fall colors in a jar.

I didn't know I like persimmons, but I really do! They had some dried that you could taste and they were good!

Lovely day!

Isn't that cute! We didn't stay to watch. That would be fun to have in the back yard though huh?

I love chairs and tables with umbrellas.

Scoping out a quiet place to eat our picnic lunch.

Love this sign.

Love the bags on the bike.

Then it was lunch time! Yummy sandwiches, grapes, chips and cookies!

Then we kicked back and watched for shapes in the clouds. Sounds like we had all the time in the world huh. We DID!

See the baby elephant?

Then someone took a little nap. :)

We enjoyed strolling through a book store. Actually more then one because the night before when we ate out we went in another. We sat and drank a caramel apple latte while looking at books. YUM!

I love these olive green shelves.

Well that's it for now. I have another whole post with pictures if you're up for it. If not just take a break from my blog for a little while. :) Next up is a walk through the market, a cozy furniture store and the BEACH! I know you would never have guessed that.