Friday, September 11, 2009

Kayaking on the creek...

Hey ya'll! We went kayaking on one of the prettiest spring fed creeks a few weeks ago and I thought I'd share some pics. I tried to load more but blogger was being funny. So here are some and I might put more up later. Jeff and I left Karina with my brother for the day and went with my mom and dad and all our kayaks. This was such a blast and just a beautiful day!

We got to this quiet little spot and pulled out the lunch we packed. It was such a lovely place to sit and take in all the beauty around us.

There was a really fun rope swing that my mom and I just had to try right next to this little spot. I love that my mom will still jump from rope swings and be crazy with me. We did it while our husbands looked on and I KNOW they thought we were nuts!

Just having a little fun with our camera and that amazing blue/green water.

That's my mom way back there in her kayak. I love that my folks love doing things like this and we are hoping for at least one more chance to do this again before the weather gets cool. Hope you all are still getting out to enjoy this pretty weather as we look forward to the Fall and still feel a bit of Summer in the air.


Madison said...

Oh I remember when your mom took us there. I loved that spring! It was really my favorite one! But I can tell you that we did not do the swing. Actually I have been there twice with aunt Cindy.

Anonymous said...

Is that the same spring we went kayaking on with your Mom and Bethany after Tammy's wedding? It is beautiful, isn't it?! The only bad thing was all the mosquitos...if I remember correctly. :) What great memories!