Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh what a night!

Well there is the birthday boy in all his biking glory. We both had such a great time riding together and also enjoyed a lovely dinner by the shore. Something about being able to (and having to for safety reasons) hug your husband on a forty five minute drive to where you are headed that is so romantic. :) After a great ride, a little tiny bit of rain, and enjoying the views we arrived at our destination. This VERY beachy restaurant.

We had both been here before so we knew the food was good and the view just the same. Love the thatch roof.

Got ourselves a very yummy appetizer and just enjoyed chatting while taking in the beauty of the water and "waves". It was so nice and calm, but almost too calm (no breeze). We started melting after eating some jalopenos with our smoked tuna dip and wearing jeans probably didn't help. Hehee. But it was great!

Jeff's dinner was grouper imperial with lump crab meat and a creamy sauce, with cheese grits. We both had a nice salad to start with.

My dinner was the grouper victoria with shrimp and scallops, tomato and green onions, and a white wine butter sauce with a baked potato on the side. YUM!!

Then after asking the waittress to take our picture and telling her it was Jeff's birthday she brought us this free of charge. It was some of the best keylime pie I ever had! And the plate looked so pretty too. I am a sucker for a pretty plated food.

After we ate we headed inside and cooled off a little before riding back to town. We popped into Starbucks for a nice cold frappacino and relaxed a bit. Then it was back on home where Karina was sound asleep in her bed, dad was asleep on the couch and mom was kicking back reading a magazine. There is something about having others feel so relaxed and at home in your home that just makes me happy! Knowing that they enjoyed themselves while watching their granddaughter made the night all the better. Thanks again mom and dad!

This last shot is for my cousin Maddy. No, I will never ride this bike by myself. This is all for show. But I bet I could fool someone with my whole get up ya think?


Madison said...

Thanks for the photo Kristie I will never forget it! Looks like you guys had a great time!!! I went to Toucans with your parents and I love it!!!

Wendy said...

Sadly, there is no seafood in Oklahoma. I miss Toucan's (and you guys of course).

martha - ca knitter said...

It looked like such a nice and romantic outing. The last picture with you on the motorcycle makes you look really tough. Lol.
btw, the food looked delicious too.

nancygrayce said...

What a fun time! Happy Birthday to Jeff! Your food made my mouth water!

Kim said...

What a fun time, great pictures too! I want to visit that resturant! :)