Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Celebrating a wonderful woman!

My sweet mother-in-law's birthday was last Friday and we were so blessed to be able to spend some time with her that night to celebrate. She is such a wonderful lady, a Godly Christian wife, mother, and Nana, and even before she was my mother-in-law she was my friend. We met at church and enjoyed the same bible study for a while. She has been a beautiful example to me of how to love the Lord and trust Him in everything. What a blessing to me she is!! I am also very grateful she decided to have the amazing son she does 28 years ago this month. So Happy Birthday again Mom!! We love you so much!

Ok so the only picture I can take credit for in this post is the first one. The rest were taken by my sweet sister-in-law. So thanks Em for the great shots!

Karina is getting in some good practice here eating Nana's cake before she eats her own the next day. Like she needs practice.

And here is her practicing her smile. I will say that does need some practice when I ask her to do it for me.

Nana and her grand kids. They only love her a little.

All the girls playing dress up. Karina and Caroline have this down pat. From the moment we walk in the door they are both fully decked out princesses within a few minutes and they stay that way until we leave.

The boys just chillin'.

Could they be cuter?!!

Well being princesses is hard work. And for Ethan having to deal with those princesses can wear a guy out. So here they are just kickin' back watching a movie.

Had to throw this one in of the girls. Well that's it for this birthday now on to Karina's.

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