Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beauty and the beach...

This was a lovely beach day that Karina and I enjoyed last week after we came home from our reunion. We were around so many people that it was nice to take some special time just for her on this gorgeous day. Oh and she put the flower comb in her hair all by herself before we left the house. Now all you out there that just can't handle one more beach post on my blog are just gonna have to deal. You know me.

The next few pictures are so funny to me. This crab decided to walk right up and make this lovely castle his dwelling, well until the kids all saw him and wouldn't let him live in peace. But isn't that the funniest looking thing?

Oh and this one is my little mermaid. I don't know why this idea came to me. Could it be because we borrowed "The Little Mermaid" movie from her Nana and watched it way too many times!? Anyway, she thought it was the coolest thing. Betcha never saw a mermaid with arm floaties on before.

And this is the lovely dunes as we were driving through the park on our way home. I always drive by them and think how I would love to take a picture. So that day I did.

Well I know Summer is winding down and man have we enjoyed it! But I will welcome the cooler temps even though they don't really start here until Oct. But that's OK. We love it here and hope you all are having great times too wherever you live.


Madison said...

Those are really cute photos!!! The crab kills me I have never seen one so big at the beach before. Glad you guys had a great time!!!

Love, Madison

BECKY said...

I for one will NEVER tire of beach posts!! Especially if they include your little Miss Cutie-Pie!! Love the flower comb!! And that crab is hilarious!!
We'll be heading to the beach next week! Finally got my car fixed!! YAY!!

Love you,
Aunt Becky

Heather said...

this is hilarious!! You have to tell me when this was, because Aaron and I took the kids to the beach around 5:30 one day and saw a sand castle just like this... I am pretty sure you guys were still on vacation though... that would be crazy if this was the same castle we sat by that night!!!!