Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A family night out!

Tonight we enjoyed dinner by the bay and had a wonderful time. We decided after going outside and seeing how nice the temp was that we would go grab a pizza and head down to a marina nearby to eat some dinner and go for a stroll. So I threw a tossed salad together and some drinks, stuck them in the cooler and off we went. Little did I know the great birds we would see on our little evening out. After filling our tummies we looked around and spotted not only a pelican perched so nicely on the pilings, but also a heron. I was so glad I had grabbed the camera and tucked it in my purse right before heading out the door. So this is what I took and many more. :)

I really love that Jeff enjoys getting out like this every now and then in the evening during the week. We used to walk down to this marina from our little town house we lived in right after we got married. The memories come flooding back of those sweet times together and I take so much joy in all the new memories we will make now with our sweet little girl! Enjoy!

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