Sunday, June 7, 2009

The last little (long) bit of our trip...

Well we have come to my last post of St.Augustine and our time there. It really was such a wonderful trip and I look forward to the next time we are able to go. Our last day we went into town again for a little more sight seeing, shopping and touring. Getting on the trolley went much better this time. ;) And the weather was beautiful as you can see in this next picture of the old city gates.

Here is that lovely church again that I gave you a peek of a few posts back. It really took me back to the beautiful cathedrals we toured in Germany when I was a kid. The inside was just as pretty and I'm sure music sounds just glorious when they are having a service.

I loved these light fixtures!

Look at that lovely detailed ceiling!

Look at that detail!

Flagler College

The Lightner Museum

We didn't tour the museum, but I would love to on a trip there with Jeff. The courtyard is beautiful though and the kids got a great kick out of seeing the huge coy in the pond. Not really thinking, I forgot to pack a snack in our bag this day. We had a ton of snacks and a yummy lunch packed in the car where we parked back at the fountain of youth where we decided to ride the trolley back to at lunch time. But our plan didn't exactly account for the amount of time it would take for us to do all we wanted to before lunch time. So we adjusted our schedule and took a break for a snack (that we didn't pack) which turned out quite nice.
There was a nice little cafe in the courtyard that made wonderful smoothies. Karina and I had already popped into another small cafe to get some yummy baked treats before meeting the others in the courtyard. So the kids munched on some delicious glazed croissants while watching the fish swim. And then we enjoyed one of those smoothies as well. I think ours was pineapple, strawberry and mango! YUM

What a sweet little bunch. I mean that literally too for man were they a sticky little bunch when they finished their croissants!

These are some of my favorites of the kids watching the fish. Observing kids observing things is something I love to do.

He is so grown up already and his Auntie K sure loves him.

My little lady.

Sweet Caroline has her own little special place in my heart.

Love this shot!

Enjoying that smoothy!

Then it was on to do some shopping on St. George St. I found a great shirt to take home to Jeff and one for me as well. I also looked and looked for a little change purse for Karina with a certain snap on it because she loves to play with my wallet and will open and close the snap a million times. Well I didn't find one that said St.Augustine on it like I wanted, but the one I did find was oh so cute and in the most unlikely store too. The lady that ran the store tried so hard to convince me to buy more then just the little change purse but I told her no and thank you anyway and got myself on outta there! I did go back in with Em really quick so that she could get Caroline a matching little purse and Ethan a little something too, but even though I got distracted that time on the way out I didn't buy anything else in there. :)

Well Karina had shopped till she dropped right into the stroller for a much needed nap. So I walked a few more shops while Brian and Em took the kids into the Oldest Wood Schoolhouse in the U.S.A. I could've woken Karina up to go in too but didn't have the heart and actually enjoyed just strolling along.

Beautiful flowers!

They were so excited about their little purses.

What fun they had riding that trolley together. I know they are going to have so many more great times together as they grow up.

It was so much fun just sitting there listening to them chat with each other.

This might be the most precious picture I took the whole time. If you've seen Em's blog you have already gotten a peek. This is on the grounds of where the Fountian of Youth is. We ended our touring by heading back there and finally eating our lunch around 3:30-4 at a picnic table in the shade. We couldn't have asked for a prettier day.

There were so many lovely peacocks on this property and the kids loved walking around with them. I was kinda shocked that they would walk right up to the kids the way they did until I found out that you could feed them. We didn't buy the food but the kids enjoyed it just the same. I love this pic of the girls cause it looks like Karina is telling Caroline, " I'll go up to him if you do."

Then Karina actually works up the nerve and Caroline follows.

Then they found this lovely white one to follow around.

I think it finally had enough and was actually running from her in this last picture.


Sweet profile.

She must've heard mommy talking about her aching back and how good the hot tub back at the condo would feel right about now.

One last look at the birds and we were headed out.

My sweetie.

We actually got back and hit the pool one last time before our trip was through. Brian went on up stairs with the baby while Em and I enjoyed relaxing and letting the kids get out their last bit of energy. We even took turns watching the kids and going to take a dip in the hot tub. What a treat!
After we were good and pooped we went to the condo and I threw the kids in the bath while Em fixed a late dinner. It was a wonderful way to end our fun filled week and after tucking the kids in we enjoyed a little more time together with some coffee.

The next day I got my things packed up and took the kids down to the park for a little play time while Brian and Em finished up getting their things together. I think it was just what everyone needed before getting in the cars to go home. The kids ran out some energy and Brian and Em could enjoy quietly packing up. I was so happy to be a help to them on this trip but even happier that they would want me and Karina to join them for this special time together. So thanks again sweet sis and bro. We are so blessed to have you in our lives and share times like this with you!!

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emily said...

oh, we LOVED LOVED LOVED having you with us. and you were SUCH a help. that is really an understatement. and you help with such JOY that i never feel that guilty about letting you help. :) my kids love their aunt kristie, and i never even mind when they choose you over me. :) haha. mommy can be chopped liver, it's ok. because i know how wonderful you are as a sister and friend... so they're allowed to love you as an aunt. :)