Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coffee cup

This is for all you knitters out there. I couldn't believe I found this wonderful coffee cup in Starbucks this last winter. I was popping in one of their shops on a date with my hubby when I saw it for the first time. Would you believe I actually resisted buying it then? Well I think it was a month later when we were out again and stopping for a coffee when I saw it for a second time and just couldn't leave the store without it. It helps that it was in the clearance section. And then to top this story off I found another one for a sweet friend of mine who also loves to knit when I was out of town at another Starbucks! Yay! She absolutely loved it and I do too. I don't know why but every time I see it and use it I think of my Nana, of how she taught me to knit and how much she would love this mug too. What a gift she was to me. I hope you all have someone you think of as a gift in your life and don't hesitate to tell them! Happy coffee breaks!


emily said...

such a cute mug!!! if i would've seen that in a store, you would have surely come to mind!!! but looking at the pictures of that warm mug with hot coffee in it in june is making me SWEAT! :)

6HartsforHim said...

Cute,cute, mug!Oh,how I miss Nana,you made me tear up just reading this post!She would have loved a mug like that!

kristina said...

Hey Kristie this is Kristina Madisons cousin i really like your blog.The pix are out of this world cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!