Thursday, June 18, 2009

Can't get enough!

We were blessed to spend another day at the beach today. And yes I can't get enough. I know I will change my tune come August when the water is no longer refreshing because it is the same temp as the air. But for now it is absolutely beautiful. This morning my mom and I headed out there with Karina and my brother's sweet kids and we really did enjoy just lounging in the gentle waters, eating a picnic lunch in the shade and some sand castle fun. My mom and I shared the sentiment that we are both so happy that we live here and can enjoy the beach as much as we do. Pretty soon we will head to the mountains for vacation and exchange our white sand and crystal clear water for lovely water falls and lake views. And as much as I will enjoy that I will still be quite eager to return home and get a few more beach days in. I think Karina and I just might do our own little mother daughter beach day next week and soak in together some more of this beauty that surrounds us. Oh and I didn't mention that Karina is part fish and that helps! We also have skin that doesn't burn easily (God knew I would love the beach!):) So I hope this post finds you enjoying beach days of your own and taking in all the loveliness around you!!


Madison said...

Hey Kristie!!! Looks like you guys had fun! I love beaches. But unfortunately I do burn bad if I don't have sunscreen on. Anyway have a great week!!!

Love, Madison

BECKY said...

Sounds great, Kris!! Wish we could've gone with you!! We're going to Daytona next week!!

Sure was good to see you and little Miss Karina!!

Love and hugs,
Aunt Becky