Monday, June 29, 2009

Ahoy Mate!

Last Saturday I took Karina to Lowe's to build their free kids craft and as you can see it was a pirates life for these three. My sweet sister was there with her two older kids and we had a blast. It was Natalie and Joseph's idea to wear the bandanna's and we thought we'd join the fun. They were so funny saying they were a pirate family with Karina being their baby. Of course Karina took on the look of a real pirate baby when the pirate daddy was a tad to close in pic #2. So we will caption that with an "ARGH"! :)


6HartsforHim said...

lol,that picture of Karina is TOO cute!Lovin that face!Can't wait to see you soon!!!

Jackie said...

That picture of Karina angry at Joseph made me laugh out loud. What a perfect picture to capture! They all look so adorable with their bandannas on! Their pirate ships look great!