Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunrise to sunset....

Ok so we didn't get up at sunrise while on vacation even though I do love that time of day. Karina decided to start her second day in St. Augustine with breakfast on the balcony. This was a lovely day and we enjoyed every minute of it. We had a plan to hang out at the pool and then go out to the St. Augustine Lighthouse after naps and come back for dinner. So that is just what we did.

Here we go to that wonderful pool again. The girls decided to go out stylin' with these cool glasses.

What a rough life!

I will always be a flip flop girl

Karina got quite a kick out of her cousins squirt gun. Lock and load! What a face!

I love this of the girls pony tails. It's amazing that I caught this shot before they moved.

Em made the kids some lunch and brought it to the pool so that was really nice too.

I had a good time snapping some pictures of the pretty flowers around the pool.

What a beautiful day!

After naps we headed out to see this awesome lighthouse. This might have been my favorite thing to do while in St. Augustine.

Ok so I forgot about this picture when I said in my last post that Emily and I didn't get any other pictures together. I know the background is over exposed but I still really like this one of us.

This one I will make many many cards with. Stay tuned for a link to the greeting card site I am about to start up with all the photo cards I love to make.

The kids had fun roaming around and got all good and tuckered out.

I love this group picture of all of us!

Karina had fun looking through anything and everything.

Brian, Em and I all paid to get in and with that we could climb to the top of the lighthouse. Well none of us were thinking that we would go up. But then Em told me to go for it when Karina wasn't looking and so I did. Man was it a workout!! Just looking up those stairs now makes me tired. :)

But this lovely view was worth the climb!

Isn't that great!!

I thought this was neat of the lighthouse shadow.

Then it was time to go back down.

A peek from inside

You can sign your name and a short note after you've been to the top of the lighthouse. So that is what I did!

Yeah this picture was staged.

This is the light keepers house and it's right across from the lighthouse.

This might be my favorite shot!

This was a cute little boat on the grounds.

Ok so one more picture. This might be my second favorite with how the trees frame the lighthouse.

The kids found these really cute lighthouse books and I couldn't resist getting one for Karina. It plays "This little light of mine" and has a really sweet rhyming story.

A happy little lady with her book.

On the way home we stopped for a bit by the waterside to let Brian get out and snap some pictures and he got some great ones. This is one of my favorites.

Once we got back to the condo I thought it would be fun to take the kids over to the little playground there and let them get their last little bit of energy out before we headed up to the condo for dinner. Em and Brian went on up with baby Amelia and got food ready while we played.

Before bed we had some fun with the water gun Karina was playing with at the pool, but without water in it. I was using it to "poof" the kids while I sang a silly song and they couldn't have been more entertained. We also got this priceless picture from it!

Then Em read to them so we could all wind down.

This little lady had another fun filled day with her sweet cousins but was ready for bedtime when it came.

And so that ends another day of our great vacation. I have one more post to do and then it's over . I hope you have enjoyed the ride so far. I have enjoyed reliving it through my pictures. Hope everyone is having a great week and I'll be back soon.

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