Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Seeing the sights!

So here we go! Our first day in St Augustine was quite nice after a bit of a rough start. We got up and slowly got us and the kids ready for a day on the town. I was really excited to go on the trolley tour and see this beautiful city. We drove into town, parked where the trolley picks you up and bought tickets for a three day trolley pass and a tour of the old jail (more on that in a bit). When the trolley pulled up and we were climbing aboard Karina had a little accident and cut her little finger pretty badly. That shook us both up quite a bit, but being that we were already on the trolley and they were about to get going I made the decision to stay on and go for the ride knowing we could get off a the next stop if we needed to. We both needed some time to comfort each other and after I had cleaned her cut a little a very sweet lady in front of us gave me a band aid to use for it. This mommy will never be caught again without at least two band aids in her purse and maybe a box!
Karina finally, after a good cry, fell fast asleep on my lap as we rode through town. And I finally started to enjoy the view knowing my precious girl was alright and so thankful that the Lord was looking out for us and that it wasn't worse. She was such a strong little lady. I was so blessed that she was fine and had fun the rest of the day.
So that is why my pictures in this post of our first day start with this pretty church. That is when I finally whipped out my camera and started snapping away. Like I said in the last post I will not be giving a history lesson with these pictures but I hope you can enjoy them just the same.

My sweet little Karina still napping after our first stop.

Em, Brian and kids waiting so very patiently for me while I try to take pictures along the way.

This was a stop we made later in the day after a yummy lunch and a little more touring.

Harry's is where we stopped for lunch and man was it good. I loved sitting outside with the canopy of trees.

Can I just say how much I enjoyed this time with my little girl!
One blessed girl and her mommy!

My lunch! YUM!

Then it was back on the trolley for a little more sight seeing.

I love pictures like this.

We didn't go in here but I bet it's pretty interesting.

What a big girl!

Taking it all in.
Us enjoying the ride. I didn't mention before that our first trolley ride was quite the bouncy experience before we realized it was a much smoother ride in the front of each section of the trolley. Just so ya know.
Next to tour was the Old Jail. Is this not the cutest bunch of jailbirds you ever saw. I could put captions to each of their faces. Caroline says, "Are we ever gonna make it out of here?" Karina replies, "Ethan is our only hope. Maybe he can charm the sheriff." Ethan says to the girls, "Piece of cake. Watch and learn."

Then of course Emily and I had to get in on the fun. Can you believe this is the only sister picture we took our whole trip!? I guess that just says something about all the fun we have together. I don't think there is a conversation we have in which we don't start laughing at some point.

Karina wasn't too keen on jumping up into this big guys lap for a picture, but Ethan let her know that he wasn't all that bad.

A happy little trolley rider.
And then one of the best stops of the day!

You could smell this sweet shop all the way outside. And boy did we enjoy the treats we came out with. I had to snap a picture to ease my excitement.

Yes, I did share that HUGE waffle bowl of ice cream with her and MAN was it good. It was peach ice cream with real peaches in it and I debated that it might be my favorite now.
Sweet, sweet kids having a sweet treat.
Well this ended our day of touring on a very good note. We watched the kids play in the shade while we waited for our last trolley ride of the day.

My darling lady.

Though we finished touring our day wasn't done. For we decided to finish it off with a splash in the wonderful pool at the condo. This was such a nice time to let the kids unwind and just relax our tired bodies.

Could they be any sweeter in their matching swim suits their Nana bought for them?

I love the way the camera captured the light off the water in all of these!

This post wouldn't have been complete without a flower picture. :)

This is one of my favorite snap shots of our whole vacation. I am so blessed that Emily wanted to invite us on their family vacation. Karina loves her Auntie Em and I know that as she grows up she will only love her more.

One last cute pic from the pool and then it was on to baths and couch time for these kiddos and parents. The kids thought it was great to get comfy on this sofa sleeper as they relaxed and watched a show.

On that note I will say nighty night to you all and look forward to more fun to come. Sleep sweet and always count your blessings at the end of the day.

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