Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A lovely ending to my Mother's Day.....

This was the most wonderful way to end a Mother's Day weekend. More on that in a minute. Saturday Jeff took Karina to Lowes for their little woodworking project which was the cutest little Mother's Day planter that she was so proud of. I, after attending a great seminar at church and working out in the yard with my sweetie, went out with him on a really fun Mother's Day shopping spree. This time with him was so wonderful. He was quite the shopper and picked out so many lovely things that were just my taste. We even hit Starbucks while we were out and had a nice time lounging in their comfy cushy chairs while sipping our frappuccinos and just having a really nice chat.
Sunday started with two beautiful cards set out for me one of which made me smile and the other cry tears of joy. Jeff sure knows how to pick out a touching card and write just the right thing in it! Sunday was full as well with a great church service, a very yummy but somewhat stressful lunch out ( poor little Karina was much too tired to enjoy it with us and made that known to all around us ), and a gorgeous time out at the beach with my two favorite people!
It was not only a precious gift from my husband to take me out to this lovely beach. It was an awesome gift from my great God. He blessed us with the most beautiful weather, a very happy and enjoyable little girl on the beach, and a very yummy picnic dinner that I didn't have to make! Thank you Publix Deli!! So, thank you honey for such a wonderful time! Thank you God for your great mercy and grace in giving me this precious little girl to be a mommy to. And thank you to our loving moms that have seen us through so very much and been an incredible example!!!

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Jennifer said...

You have such a beautiful daughter, Kristie! Thanks for sharing your photos!

BTW, this is Jennifer (from CHS). It's good to see you on here! :) I just made my account today... can't wait to blog on this site now. :D