Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kick back and relax......

I titled this post that because you better get comfy before you start my St. Augustine picture tour. It will be just that a picture tour because I don't know all the history that was so very interestingly told to us as we rode the trolley in town. Partly because I had Karina to look after and partly because I was having a lot of fun just taking pictures and didn't care enough about knowing all the details. I am a very visual person, but I am trying to be a better listener. Maybe when we go back ( I am hoping to take a trip there with just Jeff sometime ) I will take more in. So for now it will have to do for you to see this lovely old city and then you can make the trip yourself to learn more. :)

This is the day we arrived and after a long car ride the kids were ready to do this:

I love that I caught this little lady of mine taking in the view.

This condo was really nice and a very comfortable place to stay. Plenty of room for the kids to have some fun and for us to relax.

We headed downtown that night to ride the carousel before it closed and play at the little park right next to it. The kids got some energy out while we watched. Here they are waiting to ride.

And oh the fun when they got on! They thought it was so great we rode a second time.

I love this shot!
Playing at the park in the dark.

Karina loved this little bouncing butterfly.

And wasn't quite ready to share it with her cousin just yet. These two really do get along most of the time.

So that is the end of day one. There is much more to come and the other posts will be longer since they will include full days and not just an evening of getting out. I will try to get the other posts on here soon. See ya in a while...

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