Thursday, May 7, 2009


My sweet and hard working husband is now a college graduate! We, my family and his, were so very proud as we watched Jeff walk across the stage and receive his diploma. Proud only describes a small part of what I felt as he took hold of something he has worked so hard for. Some other things that come to mind are a humbled feeling knowing that I don't deserve this great man that God has seen fit to give to me. Another would be gratefulness that I will have a little more time to spend with him now that classes and studying don't take up so much of his attention. But most of all I feel an admiration for him and a desire to be as diligent as he has been in all areas of life. Thank you Glenda and Neil for raising such an amazing young man!

Our family almost took an entire row and we are so blessed that everyone came!

Here is THE MAN ready to walk on that stage.

I'm sure he will look back on all of this and say it's all a blur. And he would be right if talking about the pictures I took of him going across the stage for he went so fast I could barely catch him.

I LOVE this picture if him with his parents! The look on their faces says it all!

I am so blessed to have such wonderful in laws and that my parents love Jeff as much as I do!



And then we partied!!!!!!

That night Jeff's mom and dad hosted an amazing graduation party for him. I helped with the food but cannot take any credit for all the GREAT decorations she was able to get. You did a great job mom!!

Are these not the cutest little grad caps you ever saw?!!! My sister in law, Emily, made them and I couldn't get over how perfect they were!!! Thanks again Em and Lynda for all your hard work. The bark was incredible too!

Here are all the kids enjoying the food.

Jeff and his mom, Glenda, with the AWESOME cake she had made. Thank you again mom!!

And here we have Jeff with the mascots of the evening. Emily outfitted all the kids with the perfect garb of the night!

Of course I had to show my support too with a hat for the occasion. I had bought one for Karina too but she was much too busy playing with all her fun cousins and I did not want a family picture with a very upset little girl in it. So there you have it. And if you didn't know that Jeff was graduating just give him a pat on the back the next time you see him or jot a quick congrats email and send it his way.

We praise the Lord for how far he has brought us and the road yet to come!


Wendy said...

Oh I'm so proud of Jeff. I can't imagine working full time, being a husband and daddy, and getting a degree at the same time. That's a huge accomplishment. Please pass on our congratulations.

I'm also in love with Emily's graduation cap candies. I'm going to remember that idea for the future. They are too cute!

Missing you and your family...

emily said...
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emily said...

we are SO SO PROUD of you, jeff! kristie, what a blessing it was to sit beside you during his graduation ceremony and get teary-eyed right along with you. you have been so supportive to jeff through these years of school with your encouraging heart and selfless attitude... and he has been a hard-working, self-discipline machine!! IT'S OVER!!! i am so excited for you both. God has answered our many prayers, and we were so blessed to party with y'all to celebrate jeff's accomplishments. here's to lots of lazy evenings and relaxing with your hubby HOME!

Tammy said...

Hey Sister, you KNOW I KNOW exactly what both of you just lived through... and so as I've said before, I'm so proud of you for the supportive and loving wife you've been! How wonderful is it that we've got such hard working husbands! We are so proud of Jeff and excited for ya'll and the new season of life you've entered! I think it's time for another Cheese Barn date!!!! :) I love you!!

Kristi said...

What a wonderful post. So proud of you,Jeff! ... and so proud of you, Kristie, for being such a rock of support :) Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jeff!!! What was his major?