Friday, April 24, 2009

Sitting on the dock of the bay.....

....watching the boats and eating Chick-fil-A..... How's that for a song. :) This was earlier this month and after a very rainy Thursday God blessed us with a Friday that looked like this. So Karina and I headed out the door to make a few stops and then grab lunch and head to the marina. Man was it gorgeous and it couldn't have been a sweeter time to just enjoy my little lady and think of how I hope she will want to do this when she is 15 with her mom and still think it's as fun.

Don't ask me why but I love the way these pilings look!

I love the way this boat looks like it has so many stories to tell.

I love how this anchor has held on to many a mighty boat.

And I really love how this little lady just picked a spot and sat to read her little book she got in her kids meal.

I love the look of shrimp boats too. I know I'm weird.

Pelicans are my absolute favorite bird!

Feeling the wind in her face and loving it.

So there it is our day on the bay!

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