Friday, April 10, 2009

piggy tails and sunshine

A couple weeks ago now Karina and I went out to the beach with my mom and my brothers two little girls. Oh the fun we had watching these three little ladies enjoy the sand and sunshine. They all looked so sweet in their piggy tails that I couldn't stop snapping pictures. So here ya go and I hope you all are having as much fun in this beautiful weather.

I LOVE this shot of my mom and Indie running. It looks like an ad for the beach.

Of course we had to stroll the shops a little. We were a group of girls ya know. And to top it all off we treated ourselves to some yummy ice cream. The girls enjoyed that just a little.

Be back soon with more fun!


6HartsforHim said...

I loved seeing those pictures!Beautiful! I also loved seeing you and sweet Karina,what a blessing to hug your neck and catch up for just a short while.Makes me want reunion to come sooner! Love you!!!

Kim said...

Your prictures are great! Everyone is so adorable, how fun to have such cute little ones to take pictures of. You are right, the one with your mom running does look like it could be in a print ad. I also love your new header picture of Karina walking on the boardwalk. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

So precious! Someday I'll live near the ocean again. :) I guess we'll just have to settle for visiting for now. I would love to bring Kaira out there to play at the Florida beaches. They're so different than California beaches.
Lot's of love!