Wednesday, April 1, 2009

good gifts and great finds

This last month I have gotten some really nice things without going shopping or spending a dime. A sweet lady at my church has been cleaning through her home and getting rid of all the extra she doesn't need or want to clean and so she has passed these things on to me and some other gals. Here are a few things that I have been given.

I really like these kinds of jars with beans in them.

These great veggie pics go perfectly with the colors in my kitchen. Also from my friend.

I really love this sconce and it is a pair. I just snapped a picture of one.

This little/big doll house was being thrown out by someone in our neighborhood and I happened to walk by it one morning and grab it. It needed a lot of cleaning, but boy was it worth it. It came really clean and my little lady just plays and plays with it.

This lovely glass pitcher is one that Jeff's grandmother was getting rid of in her efforts to clean out so that she can move. I love the shape of it!

This little dainty soup bowl is one of a pair that I also got from Jeff's grandma.

And this is my new comforter for my bed. I found this at Goodwill and though it is the one thing in this post I had to pay for it was still a wonderful find and a great price. So I hope you all are enjoying the little things in life and are grateful for all we have been given!


6HartsforHim said...

Great Post Kris,Love all the neat things!Brandon bought Clara a doll house at goodwill,for next to nothing,it was filthy,but a good soak in the bath tub and using an old toothbrush on it,and now it looks brand new!I always love a good bargain!Karina looks so sweet playing nicely with her toys! Love you!

Heather said...

absolutely PRAISE be to GOD who fills our little store house above and beyond our expectations!!

Tammy said...

I love your little touches of "home" that you've been blessed with. But you know I'm especially excited about the dollhouse you got for Karina. It's a fort! It will withstand children's climbing on it and all. I know because Joseph has stood on top of ours numerous times! :) Also, it fits sooo much furniture with how spacious it is! I thank the Lord for how he's blessed you!! :)