Friday, April 10, 2009

and the rain came tumblin' down...

Last week we had quite the rain storm. And so I pulled out the paints, decided to do some baking and just had a good ol' time with my favorite little girl. Here is a shot I took out of our living room window when our yard started to blend in with the street. Not to worry though. The water goes back down rather quickly as the rain lets up so we were in no danger of flooding.

Some fun pics of our painting time...

Love, love, love this pony tail!

She was so proud of her masterpiece and that it was to this mommy.

Adding the finishing touches.

Then it was on to baking.....

We had actually gotten out of the house for a bit between our painting and baking to meet Jeff for lunch. It was a nice treat for us during the week since we usually don't meet him for lunch. But I had to convince Karina that we would indeed bake the muffins like I had promised as soon as we got back. I had just told her we could make some when Jeff called to ask if we wanted to meet him. So of course as soon as we walked in the door she says, " Now we can make muffins. It will be so much fun!!"

This is one little lady who loves to cook!

And taste!

So that is the fun we had on our rainy day. How do you all keep the kids occupied when it's yucky and rainy outside?

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