Saturday, March 28, 2009

sweet and sad...

This last week my sister in law planned a lovely baby shower for a dear new friend of ours. She did a wonderful job. The food was oh so yummy and we all had a great time. I enjoyed so much helping with the decorations and baking a cake too. The reason this post is titled sweet and sad is because we have been so blessed to get to know this new sweet friend of ours, but she will be moving away from us much too soon! Beth is her name and she is a lovely young Christian woman that I have really enjoyed spending some time with. And it is an extra special treat that we have been able to celebrate her new baby girl, Lucy, with her. So here are some pictures of the party.

I love these plates that my sister in law picked out!!

Some of the decorations I had fun with.

Sweet Beth with all her cute girly gifts.

Had to throw this one in of Beth with the little blanket and hat set I made for little Lucy.

A beautiful mommy adoring her little lady.

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Martha in California said...

You and your SIL are so sweet to throw a baby shower for someone else. It looks like it was a lot of fun. The blanket and matching hat are adorable.