Sunday, March 1, 2009

Packing a treat!

This is a wonderful little package I was able to put together for a friend of mine in Uganda. She was here a few months ago and I gave her a little knitting lesson. She helps run a pregnancy home there where she lives and was hoping to return home and teach the girls there how to knit as well. So when I heard a group from our church was headed to Uganda last month, I, with the very generous help of all the ladies in my bible study at church, bought and put together a lovely stash of yarn and needles to send to them. It was so much fun to do this knowing that she doesn't have a Walmart down the street to run to get these things.

I have heard since then that all the girls loved learning and now it is all they want to do. Also one of the gals in the team that went came home and was so excited about learning too she had to go and buy yarn and needles and get started right away. How I love getting people excited about this wonderful craft!! Karina and I threw in the little bear for my friends little daughter too. :)

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