Sunday, March 1, 2009


This is a yummy treat we decided to make the other day. Karina got really into it as you can see and yes I waited till we were done with coating the pretzels before I let her lick the brush. We had a great time and even more fun eating them! We kept some and gave some away.


OK now back to the exercising post I just wrote..... hehehehehe.


emily said...

ok, so i didn't realize you put my FAVORITE kind of sprinkles on those!!!!! now i DO want some!!! :) i am laughing that you posted about these after our bible study today on self-control. it is a good thing you didn't give me any of these after all. :) i can just enjoy looking at the pictures of them and have all kinds of self-control that way. ha. but i guess it's not really self-control if they're not there in the first place, is it?

BrandonandBethanyHartman said...

I think we need to make some of these at reunion,it would be fun to have a baking day with all the little ones!Yummy!