Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beach days are here again....

Last week we were so blessed to enjoy our first beach day this year with my sister in law and her kids. It was a gorgeous day and I could have stayed out there till the sun set, but we had to get back home for a much needed nap. We will surely be back there soon with how the weather is now though. This picture is one of my favorites from the day. There are many more that I might share later, but I have made many a beach day post with pictures of my sweet Karina so I might just keep those for myself. I hope you all are out and enjoying beautiful spring days too!

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Anonymous said...

Kristie, I love your site and all the references to what a wonderful 'GOD' we have and how very much He loves us. I praise the Lord for your faith and love for Him.
Love Aunt Dottie