Friday, February 20, 2009


Here is the picture that somehow got left out of my last post that I really wanted to share. I am so honored and blessed to have a sister like Tammy. She is someone who encourages me to better myself while at the same time loving me so much just the way I am. She is someone I can laugh with, cry with, and she totally understands. I love that we can be serious, but also lose it immediately when an inside joke pops up out of the blue. I have so many great memories with her and hope to make many more. I pray all you girls out there would have the chance to share this great love with your sister, a sister in law who feels like a sister, or even a really close friend you know God put in your life to be a sister to you. There is really nothing quite like it and for it I praise the Lord!

The neck warmer Tam is wearing is what I gave her for her birthday up in the mountains. And can I just say I LOVE the way it looks on her!!! This picture was too cute to not share, with her and her oldest daughter Natalie. I like so much that I was able to coordinate their knitwear.

And it doesn't get cuter than this. How I love this sweet family. Oh and yes I had fun making little Claire and Joseph hats too! Stay warm everyone!


nancygrayce said...

Ah! I know what you mean about sisters! I so blessed to have mine too! The neck warmer is absolutely beautiful and looks so pretty on Tammy!

Kristi said...


LOVE those photos!

You two are probably the most beautiful sisters I have EVER met.... I mean that! It takes my breath away to see you guys smiling together in a photo - so beautiful; I'm sure I'm not the only one!!! :)