Sunday, December 7, 2008

A not so quick recap....

Well here we are in December and it seems time has gotten away from me. But we have had some really good times even though I wasn't able to get on here and share about them until now. So I will just give you what is the short version. Hehehehe.

Last year I bought this little magnet nativity scene and it seems Karina is enjoying it. We have talked about Jesus and his birth and sang, "Away in a manger" quite a few times, but I know she will start to understand a lot more next year. She is so cute when we see a manger scene now and says to me, "Look mommy, it's away in a manger!"

Just a little knitting I was working on this month to sell some more hats on my site.

It was wonderful to have our first fire of the season. That wood smelled so good and the crackling could have put me to sleep.

Well the week of Thanksgiving I made some sweet potato pies to take to Jeff's folks for our big lunch. Of course I had to include my little chef who insist on helping no matter what I'm doing in the kitchen. I know I will appreciate it in years to come.

Thanksgiving morning we woke up and made a yummy pancake and sausage breakfast and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. That has always been a fun thing to do when I was growing up and Karina got a big kick out of the floats and danced around the living room when the bands would play.

Well when we got to my in laws for Thanksgiving this plate is what we saw displayed and I had no problem with that. We had a wonderful meal that everyone helped with and enjoyed some great family time. Of course we hung out all day and even took a nap and woke up to yummy leftovers. Thanks again mom for all you did and for having us.

These two cuties had a little art time after lunch.

Had to get a pick of dad carving the bird.

No the guys didn't set the table they are just ready for some of that good food.


Last month we also had a great time going with Jeff's parents and his brothers family to an airshow. It was actually how his dad wanted to spend his birthday and I'd say by the look on his face he really enjoyed himself.

It was a chilly day but lovely blue sky and so much fun. I think all the dad's turned into little boys again seeing all the awesome jets.

Karina was pretty amazed by it all, I think she enjoyed dancing to the loud music they had playing the most.

A neat shot Jeff got ..

Mommy and Karina taking in the show and trying not to freeze.


We also enjoyed going to a friends house for a birthday lunch and man was it good. The ladies that I knit with are so very special to me and it is always a blessing to spend time with them. Then when you add a yummy lunch to that it's even better.

Is that one yummy looking cake or what! And the soup, salad and rolls were tasty too.


We had some play dough fun this month too. Well for me and Karina it's almost a daily thing. But on this day daddy joined in the fun.

This little one gets quite a kick out of Veggie Tales so you can just imagine her glee when I made her a little Bob and Larry.


I had to capture this moment by the fire. Karina was so sweetly reading her book and it just looked too cozy.


These pictures are of us having a grand ol' time at the Peanut Festival. It's a really neat fair that goes on not too far from us and has animals, rides, great food and lots more. We had the pleasure of going with my parents and man did we have fun!! Just take a look...

Some of that yummy food I was talking about!

It wouldn't be the Peanut Festival if we didn't get a picture with the peanut!

These daytime pictures should have been put before the night ones, but I'm not doing this all over. Karina is quite the animal lover and so when Papou wanted to let her ride the pony she couldn't resist.

There was also a neat little petting zoo they had set up and she loved that as well.

Well folks there you have it. Some of the fun things we did that I waited forever to post about. Like I said at the beginning I hope I can be better about getting on here and sharing stuff before it's a month later.
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and lots of fun this fall. We are so thankful for all the Lord has blessed us with and that includes you if you are friends and family. I say that because I know this blog is open for all to see. Most of all we are thankful and so undeserving of the love God has poured out on us with the birth, life and death of His only Son so that we may have new life in Him. And so this Christmas season we pray that you would know that love and grace as well. See you soon....

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