Thursday, October 23, 2008

YURT gonna love this!

OK so I know that only the people that have actually stayed in a YURT will think my title is funny. But for those of you who have no idea what a YURT is let me fill you in. It stands for Year-round, Universal, Recreational, Tent. And man are they neat. This is a view of the outside and further down you will see the inside. It is basically a circular tent built with a heavy duty wood frame inside and wrapped in heavy canvas with a fiber glass sky light. At this campground there is only one and it can be rented for $30 a night. It is truly camping in luxury for this YURT has a heating/cooling ac unit, table and chairs, queen bed, dresser, and bunk with a full futon below. The first time my family stayed in this was for one of my birthdays and it takes me back every time I go now. We have made such great memories here and I hope we can do the same for our kids. Karina is getting a great start and had her first time in the YURT last weekend and loved it!

We arrived at the YURT Friday night with enough light to unload and get some dinner cooking. So I didn't snap any pictures until the next morning when we were eating breakfast. And what could be a better one for a cool fall morning then hot grits. But first here is Jeff trying to amuse our little lady while I finish cooking.

Yes, Daddy hooked her up with a movie and all. Look at that smile!

Then we were off for a lovely hike in the woods. Karina's first one at that and I will say she did pretty well.

Ok so all little hikers need a break at some point and no that is not a pregnancy pooch. I stuffed my jacket with tissue for Lil' K's runny nose. :)

Oh did she have fun discovering and collecting all kinds of little things out there!

And this shot just makes me melt. A girl and her dad.

After our hike we went for a drive (very short and in the park ) to a lovely plantation home. And while there I couldn't help but capture some of the lovely leaves.

Enjoying a snack and taking in the view..

You'd think she owned the place.

And after some fun in the leaves we headed back for some lunch and a much needed nap.

One more shot from behind the house.... yeah I could live here. :)

After lunch and a WONDERFUL nap we enjoyed a lovely bike ride and some fun at a little playground.

This picture cracks me up. It's like she is saying "Don't be scared Dad. I'll catch you!"

Then she showed him how it's done.

Then after a really yummy dinner we sat back and enjoyed the fire. What you won't see is after we put Karina to bed we kept the fire going for s'mores and watched a movie on Jeff's laptop under the stars by the fire. How romantic. :)

I though it would be funny to show you my "fancy" table setting. Oh and our dragon fly lights in the background.

These pics are a bit out of order but I am not going back to change them now. Karina is keeping a close eye on daddy here making sure the fire stays in the grill.

SO there you have it! Our fun little family camping trip. I know it will only be more fun as Karina gets older and has even more of a sense for adventure. But for now Jeff and I will enjoy the "slow" pace that having a little one affords and know that before long she will be running and biking ahead of us shouting "come on mom and dad!" Hope you all are enjoying this lovely fall weather and don't be afraid to venture out with your little ones. It will be more fun then you know!

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nancygrayce said...

Where were you camping? That is so neat and I've never seen one. The house is so pretty.