Saturday, October 25, 2008

Playin' in the pumpkin patch!

Well we finally made it to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin. Karina was really into it this year as she is with almost everything right now at the curious age of two. It was a lot of fun though it meant braving some mosquito's going in the evening hours. But we did it and have the sweet pictures to prove it!
We went along with my sister in law and her kids and were met there by the grandparents and my brother in law which made it even more fun! The kids had a great time picking up pumpkins only to change their mind and go searching for another and we were happy to let them roam for what makes for better picture taking then that. The sweet little shirts the girls are wearing are some that I just couldn't pass up in the store knowing how cute they would look. And they really did make for pretty colors in the photos.
The cutouts at this pumpkin patch were the prettiest I've seen and I loved using them as a backdrop. So here is our time there....

" I think I found a good one Mom!"

"No wait this one might be better."


"Mom don't you think that's enough."

Karina and Ethan discussing how funny those gourds look.

Karina doin' a little dance with the gourds.

Caroline says, "Don't look now Karina but I think there's something funny about these scarecrows." Then Karina replies, " I've got us covered. I'll just whack him with my trusty gourds!"

What sweet kids!

One quick pic with mommy.

Nana snapping away like the mom's

Did you know there were Pappy rides here?

Some precious little people!!


OK so I am ending my post with a picture of not my own child, but I will say this little lady has a special place in my heart. I hope you enjoyed all of those and that you and your kids are able to go out and enjoy some fall fun too.
The weather here has been too gorgeous to stay inside and Karina and I enjoyed a lovely time at the playground today and guess where we went tonight.... The CIRCUS! It was Karina's first time and boy did she love it. We were able to get free tickets from my sisters sweet husband and were also blessed to enjoy it with them as well as my parents. So pictures of that are coming soon. Stay tuned and have a great weekend!


Jayne Thomsen said...

Hi Kristie, nice to see you all in sunny Florida. We're shivering a bit up here in Maryland, but the colors are beautiful. Miss you & your family! Tell them all hello from us.

BrandonandBethanyHartman said...

Oh Kris...I LOVE the expressions on sweet Karina's face! She is SO adorable! Love you guys,and miss you!((hugs))~Bethany

martha said...

mThe pictures of the kids are precious. Love the background color, it added a nice feeling to the theme. Yay, for Fall!
Martha :-)