Thursday, September 18, 2008

Way too much fun at the water park!

A couple weekends ago now we were blessed with a lovely day to go to a nearby water park. I was so glad that our extended family also decided to join us and Emily beat me to posting pictures ( you go girl! ) so some of you may have seen a bit of the fun we had already. Jeff's parents came along and also his brother's sweet family. It was a wonderful day and the kids couldn't have had more fun. OK so the parents had a little too.

This park is the perfect size for little ones our Karina's age. Plenty to do, but it is also easy to keep a close eye on your kiddos too. The pool for the kids is great in that it gradually gets deeper from 0 ft, but is still only 3 ft at it's deepest. You will see in the last picture that Karina thought she would brave the "deep" end with Daddy close by. :)

It was so sweet for me to watch Karina with her daddy at this place. They had such a great time together. Jeff has been working so hard and I knew this would be the perfect family day out to give him a break. I think anyone looking at this picture would say he enjoyed himself.

I had to include this picture of our sweet family because it just makes me smile. They are so precious to us and we praise God that we have them so close and are able to spend so much time with them!

And last but not least our little fish of a girl thinking that she is a little bigger then she is.

I hope you all are still enjoying a bit of warm weather to get out there and have fun before Fall is upon us. I will say we have thoroughly enjoyed our summer time weather, but I am really looking forward to those cool breezy days that come with autumn.

Camping picture coming soon...

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