Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All God's creatures...

Isn't this an amazing grasshopper! He's actually so amazing that he has managed to eat some on all of my amaryllis plants. Of course those are also a part of God's creation so they don't really belong to me anyway. I just planted them. I saw this guy from my kitchen window one Sunday morning. Jeff caught him and we decided to take him to church with us and let him go there so he could enjoy other plants to munch on. But it sure was fun to look at him and admire God's great creativity.

Then this little guy was in our side yard one day as Karina and I were getting in the car to go somewhere. So I grabbed the camera real quick to snap some pictures.

For this next one you'll have to zoom in to see this crazy little spider. Unless you absolutely hate spiders which I can understand because most of them freak me out. This one however looked more like a cartoon character then anything that would be scary. So look at your own risk. hehehe.

Thought I'd go ahead and add one of my crepe myrtles in here too since I was so excited that they decided to bloom again. I can't wait to see what they do next year. Well that's the end of this post. Just thought I'd glory in God's creation and let you join me in that. Have a great week and don't get too busy that you don't see the beauty all around you.

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