Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Karina!!

Well we can't believe our little girl is two years old! We praise the Lord for Karina knowing that we don't deserve the opportunity to care for her and nurture her in the ways of the Lord. What a gift it is and also a huge responsibility. These last two years have been amazing, not always easy, but always worth it. I can still picture that sweet little infant lying next to me in the hospital and not being able to believe that she was really here. And now as we go about our days, talking, playing, laughing and learning with each other our love for her grows deeper and deeper. So, thank you Lord for all the ways you show us your love and help us to do the same to this precious little girl!

Let's have a pool party!!

We were blessed to have the use of a good friends pool for Karina's little party. Thank you Jim and Martha again and again! And I though it was so neat that I found these adorable flip flop floats to go with my theme of flip flops.

This might have been the highlight of the kids' night though. Riding on this Jeep that Jim and Martha bought for their grandson was a blast for the kids. Ethan seemed to be the registered driver and was happy to take his cousin and friend for a ride for a small fee. J/K

Here is Karina showing her daddy how old she is. She has it down when you ask her how old she is, but needs a little help when showing you with her fingers. :)

I tried really hard to get the cake to look like a pair of flip flops and it didn't come out too bad. I should have turned it around for the picture, but you get the idea. It was actually two cakes in different flavors too. We have a lot of family and I wanted their to be plenty.

Enjoying her cake!

The gang enjoying their cake too!!!

Karina got some birthday money from Nana and Pappy. You can see the wheels turning like she's planning what she will spend it on. :)

All pooped out and ready to get some rest. Man is it hard being two!!
This is the next day when we actually opened her toys and put them together. She can't get enough of them. Oh and here is a peek at our new couch and ottomans.

Thank you again Gigi and Uncle Danny for her precious little stroller! It will be used more then you know!

Thought I'd throw in a picture of my new pillows too. They are just the old pillows covered with new fabric that I love. The one with the D was something I did at a girls craft night my sweet friend Heather had. Thanks again Heather!!

This is one of Karina's birthday presents from mommy and daddy. We knew she would love this new big girl comfy chair and use it a lot. We also bought her the cutest Veggie Tales movie that is entertaining to mommy too. :)


And last but not least here is her big girl bed all decked out with her tropical decor. I was so excited to find the sheets that have little flip flops all over them. And I really had fun painting a beach picture for over the top bunk. These were Jeff's bunk beds growing up that he and his brother used and I love knowing that we will get use out of them too.

Can you tell she is so excited about being such a big girl?

***We love you sweet Karina***


nancygrayce said...

That was so cute! You and your family are so creative! I loved the flip flop cakes and floats! Her new room is great!

martha said...

Thank you for sharing all the great pictures. Is the beach located in the east coast? The water looks so blue.
Happy Birthday to Karina! I loved the party theme and her comfy chair.

Goodlikeamedicine said...

I loved this post - every bit! I'll have to show the kids the birthday photos when they wake up from their naps! Karina is so adorable and so blessed! I wish we could have been there!

I love the new additions to your home sweet home! So beautiful and fun! I miss you and wish I could come by to hang out! Tell everyone hello!