Wednesday, August 20, 2008

To grandmommy's house we went...

This last weekend we went to visit Jeff's Grandmommy. She had fallen a couple weeks ago and suffered a terrible head injury, went for surgery and like a champ has come home to rest and heal. She had been talking about wanting to see the great grand babies and since we knew we were due for a visit we packed up the gang and headed their way. We didn't stay very long so that we wouldn't overwhelm her an Granddaddy too much, but it was so good to see them and all the aunts as well. I made her a couple knit cotton hats to keep her head warm since they had to shave her head for surgery. She loved them both and looks oh so cute in this picture I think.

After lunch at Mama Hawkins house ( our other sweet grandmother ) we headed to the commons to let the kids run around and let us stretch our legs. They had a great time looking at the fish in the Bass Pro Shop. Then it was on to the play ground where Karina played in the fountains and had the best time. I wish I knew how to put a video on here because we taped her running through the water and it is too funny. But here she is after. I took some dry clothes and after she was changed we headed to the outlets to shop and eat some yummy dinner.

It was a busy day but full of fun and sweet fellowship with our family. I praise God that they are just a drive away and not a plane ride. Hope you are able to spend sweet times with your family and enjoy every minute!

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martha said...

You're so blessed to still have your grandmother around.
Running through the water looks like a lot of fun. I remember getting wet with the sprinklers when I was little.
I found a nice little blog I thought you might enjoy. It's called
She seems like a nice person and also shares bible verses just like you do. enjoy.