Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Plenty of pears!

Aren't these beautiful! Ok so they are in a rugged sort of way. They are beautiful to me in more ways then one. First they were free. My sweet elderly neighbors across the street from us have two pear trees in their front yard and said to help ourselves to as many as I wanted when I offered to help them with eating them. Secondly they are organic and fresh which is hard to come by in the store unless you want to spend some money and even then they wouldn't be as fresh as these. Third I think they are really yummy. They are hard pears so they taste more like green apples. I have been eating one a day to keep the doctor away. Hehehehe. No really I feel as though the Lord has given me a huge present in being able to go and pick fruit fresh from a tree and enjoy it's sweetness while bringing health to my body. I have already shared a bunch but still have baskets full leftover. Remind you of any parables in the bible? Hope you have a happy and healthy day.

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