Monday, August 11, 2008

More July Fun!

Ok ya'll get real comfy now cause this post is a doosy. :) It's gotta be a mile long, but I wanted to get all caught up. I think this about does it and I will keep my comments short so that you are able to get through it in one sitting. So here we go....
We had a blast on the 4th of July. After going to a fun picnic at our church we headed to the marina downtown to catch the fireworks show. I popped a ton of popcorn to share and we settled in for a great show. It was so much fun seeing how into it Karina was at this age. It was her first fireworks.

She also got into the sparklers Yia Yia brought.

These two little ladies just kill me. I still praise the Lord for allowing them to be so close in age!

My little cousin Madison came to visit in July and we had a great time getting with her. She came to spend the day with us and we went swimming at a friends pool on a lovely day.

This is my little lady swimming all by herself. I am so proud!

I had to include some of these wonderful flowers. I couldn't stop taking pictures of them with that view in the back ground. :)

This is another day at our beautiful beach. We have been quite a bit this summer. We haven't been this month, but it is nice to just fill the pool in the back yard too.

We enjoyed a fun trip to the zoo with some family and friends too. The kids were so cute getting so excited about the animals. It really is a zoo catered more to little ones in that it is not that big. You can get through it in an hour or two.

The girls and the goats.

Karina and Ethan checking out the giraffe. They actually got the chance to feed him too.

Karina loved chasing this poor little duck. They both got some exercise though. :)

Taking a break.

Karina giving little Savannah a ride.

Karina was a bit taken with this lovely peacock.

This is too cute of Karina and her little friend Avery chatting with the ducks.

Back at the entrance and ready to go get some lunch we though we'd get one last shot with the birds.
To end this post I thought you would enjoy this...

Next: Karina's 2nd birthday party!

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