Monday, August 11, 2008

June and July flew by.....

I know it's taken me so long to get on here and write about us, but I will say it's been worth it being away from the computer for a bit. I have just really been enjoying life and all the fun things there are to do in the summer with friends and family. So here are some to update you all.
Karina is now in a big girl bed and loves it! She was so excited when we started talking about giving her a big bed to sleep in. Well now it is in her room and I will say I think she sleeps better in it then she ever did in her crib. She has been VERY good about staying in bed and the first couple weeks of sleeping in it she would wake up and say," I sleep in big bed!" So praise the Lord that was such a hit!!

I will put more pictures up of her room soon so you can see her bed all made up. I just haven't gotten to that yet. :)
Then there is my sweet niece Natalie that celebrated her 6th birthday this year. I am so blessed that my sister and her family live so close to us. I can still remember the day she had Natalie and I can hardly believe it's already been six years!

Here is the birthday girl with her bracelets I made as her gift and the sign I put together for her party.

We all had a great time. Karina really got into the wobble heads that were set out to decorate the tables.


We were also blessed with a visit from some sweet friends that live far away this summer. The kids really enjoyed playing in the pool and we all had a really nice lunch under the shade trees over in our side yard.

The girls thought they would help Stephen drive.

Our fun group relaxing in the shade. Kristi thank you again for wanting to spend some time with us. We really enjoyed it!!

There is more to come soon. I still have some great pictures from our zoo trip and of course Karina's 2nd birthday party that we celebrated two days ago. Stay tuned! :)

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