Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to the man I love!!!

Yes this is a day late, but I had to get on here anyway and say it again. Yesterday was Jeff's 27th birthday. Since Karina wasn't going to be able to celebrate it with him at home we decided to bring the party to him at work. So I woke up and made a cookie cake at home. Then after enjoying some time at my sister in laws house and a yummy lunch we headed over to see him and sing happy birthday. It turned out that it wasn't the surprise I had hoped for but oh well. He loved it anyway and then was able to share it with his coworkers.
Then later that night we left Karina with my parents and went out for a lovely dinner and a relaxing evening together. We ended up strolling through a new Border's Books that Jeff hadn't been to and just really enjoyed browsing the shop and sitting in their comfy chairs to look through some magazines. I know we are boring aren't we. :)
I know I've said it before but I will say it again. I don't deserve this amazing man and all the joy he brings into my life. God knew what he was doing when he picked us for each other and I am so in love with and proud of Jeff. He is a wonderful dad, husband and man of God and I couldn't ask for more!

To grandmommy's house we went...

This last weekend we went to visit Jeff's Grandmommy. She had fallen a couple weeks ago and suffered a terrible head injury, went for surgery and like a champ has come home to rest and heal. She had been talking about wanting to see the great grand babies and since we knew we were due for a visit we packed up the gang and headed their way. We didn't stay very long so that we wouldn't overwhelm her an Granddaddy too much, but it was so good to see them and all the aunts as well. I made her a couple knit cotton hats to keep her head warm since they had to shave her head for surgery. She loved them both and looks oh so cute in this picture I think.

After lunch at Mama Hawkins house ( our other sweet grandmother ) we headed to the commons to let the kids run around and let us stretch our legs. They had a great time looking at the fish in the Bass Pro Shop. Then it was on to the play ground where Karina played in the fountains and had the best time. I wish I knew how to put a video on here because we taped her running through the water and it is too funny. But here she is after. I took some dry clothes and after she was changed we headed to the outlets to shop and eat some yummy dinner.

It was a busy day but full of fun and sweet fellowship with our family. I praise God that they are just a drive away and not a plane ride. Hope you are able to spend sweet times with your family and enjoy every minute!

Plenty of pears!

Aren't these beautiful! Ok so they are in a rugged sort of way. They are beautiful to me in more ways then one. First they were free. My sweet elderly neighbors across the street from us have two pear trees in their front yard and said to help ourselves to as many as I wanted when I offered to help them with eating them. Secondly they are organic and fresh which is hard to come by in the store unless you want to spend some money and even then they wouldn't be as fresh as these. Third I think they are really yummy. They are hard pears so they taste more like green apples. I have been eating one a day to keep the doctor away. Hehehehe. No really I feel as though the Lord has given me a huge present in being able to go and pick fruit fresh from a tree and enjoy it's sweetness while bringing health to my body. I have already shared a bunch but still have baskets full leftover. Remind you of any parables in the bible? Hope you have a happy and healthy day.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Karina!!

Well we can't believe our little girl is two years old! We praise the Lord for Karina knowing that we don't deserve the opportunity to care for her and nurture her in the ways of the Lord. What a gift it is and also a huge responsibility. These last two years have been amazing, not always easy, but always worth it. I can still picture that sweet little infant lying next to me in the hospital and not being able to believe that she was really here. And now as we go about our days, talking, playing, laughing and learning with each other our love for her grows deeper and deeper. So, thank you Lord for all the ways you show us your love and help us to do the same to this precious little girl!

Let's have a pool party!!

We were blessed to have the use of a good friends pool for Karina's little party. Thank you Jim and Martha again and again! And I though it was so neat that I found these adorable flip flop floats to go with my theme of flip flops.

This might have been the highlight of the kids' night though. Riding on this Jeep that Jim and Martha bought for their grandson was a blast for the kids. Ethan seemed to be the registered driver and was happy to take his cousin and friend for a ride for a small fee. J/K

Here is Karina showing her daddy how old she is. She has it down when you ask her how old she is, but needs a little help when showing you with her fingers. :)

I tried really hard to get the cake to look like a pair of flip flops and it didn't come out too bad. I should have turned it around for the picture, but you get the idea. It was actually two cakes in different flavors too. We have a lot of family and I wanted their to be plenty.

Enjoying her cake!

The gang enjoying their cake too!!!

Karina got some birthday money from Nana and Pappy. You can see the wheels turning like she's planning what she will spend it on. :)

All pooped out and ready to get some rest. Man is it hard being two!!
This is the next day when we actually opened her toys and put them together. She can't get enough of them. Oh and here is a peek at our new couch and ottomans.

Thank you again Gigi and Uncle Danny for her precious little stroller! It will be used more then you know!

Thought I'd throw in a picture of my new pillows too. They are just the old pillows covered with new fabric that I love. The one with the D was something I did at a girls craft night my sweet friend Heather had. Thanks again Heather!!

This is one of Karina's birthday presents from mommy and daddy. We knew she would love this new big girl comfy chair and use it a lot. We also bought her the cutest Veggie Tales movie that is entertaining to mommy too. :)


And last but not least here is her big girl bed all decked out with her tropical decor. I was so excited to find the sheets that have little flip flops all over them. And I really had fun painting a beach picture for over the top bunk. These were Jeff's bunk beds growing up that he and his brother used and I love knowing that we will get use out of them too.

Can you tell she is so excited about being such a big girl?

***We love you sweet Karina***

More July Fun!

Ok ya'll get real comfy now cause this post is a doosy. :) It's gotta be a mile long, but I wanted to get all caught up. I think this about does it and I will keep my comments short so that you are able to get through it in one sitting. So here we go....
We had a blast on the 4th of July. After going to a fun picnic at our church we headed to the marina downtown to catch the fireworks show. I popped a ton of popcorn to share and we settled in for a great show. It was so much fun seeing how into it Karina was at this age. It was her first fireworks.

She also got into the sparklers Yia Yia brought.

These two little ladies just kill me. I still praise the Lord for allowing them to be so close in age!

My little cousin Madison came to visit in July and we had a great time getting with her. She came to spend the day with us and we went swimming at a friends pool on a lovely day.

This is my little lady swimming all by herself. I am so proud!

I had to include some of these wonderful flowers. I couldn't stop taking pictures of them with that view in the back ground. :)

This is another day at our beautiful beach. We have been quite a bit this summer. We haven't been this month, but it is nice to just fill the pool in the back yard too.

We enjoyed a fun trip to the zoo with some family and friends too. The kids were so cute getting so excited about the animals. It really is a zoo catered more to little ones in that it is not that big. You can get through it in an hour or two.

The girls and the goats.

Karina and Ethan checking out the giraffe. They actually got the chance to feed him too.

Karina loved chasing this poor little duck. They both got some exercise though. :)

Taking a break.

Karina giving little Savannah a ride.

Karina was a bit taken with this lovely peacock.

This is too cute of Karina and her little friend Avery chatting with the ducks.

Back at the entrance and ready to go get some lunch we though we'd get one last shot with the birds.
To end this post I thought you would enjoy this...

Next: Karina's 2nd birthday party!

June and July flew by.....

I know it's taken me so long to get on here and write about us, but I will say it's been worth it being away from the computer for a bit. I have just really been enjoying life and all the fun things there are to do in the summer with friends and family. So here are some to update you all.
Karina is now in a big girl bed and loves it! She was so excited when we started talking about giving her a big bed to sleep in. Well now it is in her room and I will say I think she sleeps better in it then she ever did in her crib. She has been VERY good about staying in bed and the first couple weeks of sleeping in it she would wake up and say," I sleep in big bed!" So praise the Lord that was such a hit!!

I will put more pictures up of her room soon so you can see her bed all made up. I just haven't gotten to that yet. :)
Then there is my sweet niece Natalie that celebrated her 6th birthday this year. I am so blessed that my sister and her family live so close to us. I can still remember the day she had Natalie and I can hardly believe it's already been six years!

Here is the birthday girl with her bracelets I made as her gift and the sign I put together for her party.

We all had a great time. Karina really got into the wobble heads that were set out to decorate the tables.


We were also blessed with a visit from some sweet friends that live far away this summer. The kids really enjoyed playing in the pool and we all had a really nice lunch under the shade trees over in our side yard.

The girls thought they would help Stephen drive.

Our fun group relaxing in the shade. Kristi thank you again for wanting to spend some time with us. We really enjoyed it!!

There is more to come soon. I still have some great pictures from our zoo trip and of course Karina's 2nd birthday party that we celebrated two days ago. Stay tuned! :)