Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day fun!

Well we had a wonderful Father's day last Sunday. It was Jeff's second to celebrate with his daughter that is almost two. And I will take a moment to say that he is a wonderful Daddy. The way he cares for our little girl blesses my heart more then I can say. He is so gentle and protective and through Him I get a glimpse of our Father's love towards us. I also love his eagerness to have more children and to know how excited he will be if God decides to bless us with more. So thank you hunny for all you do for our daughter and for just being you!
We were blessed to be able to spend it with Jeff's mom and dad and his brother. We had a great time and yummy food. As you can see Karina was more excited about the cake then anything.

Anyone for a Father's Day cupcake? Karina says meeeeeee!!

These flowers are something I had to take a picture of to show you what a wonderful dad I have. A couple weeks ago now he took me on a date. Not just any date though. First he brought flowers to my house, then he took me to one of my favorite restaurants ever that not only has AMAZING food but also live entertainment ( an incredible piano player that I could listen to all night long and almost did ). So we had our great meal. Then he bought desert and coffee to top it all off as we sat and had a chat and listened to the lovely music. My dad is a detail person, can you tell? But these aren't all the reasons I love him. I love the man of God he is, I love that he has always taken time to spend with his kids and now his grand kids. I love that even though he never knew his dad he is the most amazing one I know. So thank you Dad if you happen to read this and know how much I love you!!
These next two pictures are a couple of baby gifts that I thought would be fun to show. The two couples that I gave them too are family. My cousin Jamie and his wife Bridget received the first for their little boy born this week. So a late Happy Father's Day to you. And the second is for Jamie's sister Jackie and her husbands little boy who is due in a couple weeks. So congrats to the new Daddy's and Mommy's! We are so happy for you all!!!

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day and that you have a great weekend too!


Save My Sunshine said...

Kristie, I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing with others. I am so happy for you and your family. With Love, Kim Mills

Knitterella said...

awww, what sweet handmade gifts - I bet they loved them!