Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Charming Charleston: part 2....

This is going to be another short post. We had a really nice day today but I am tired. So this is the carriage ride we took in downtown Charleston. It was a nice relaxing ride through all the old homes of which I took way to many pictures so I will not bore you with all of those. Here are a few of my favorite from our little ride.

Karina was patiently waiting our turn to climb onto a carriage. She thought the horses were great and waved to quite a few people while we rode. I didn't get any really good pictures of her while we were riding because she was sitting in my lap almost the whole time.

Can I say how much I love this little man! He was so cute on our ride and is just at such a fun age. I can't wait to have a little boy, Lord willing, whenever I spend time with him. He always gets me so excited to see what Karina will be talking about and doing at his age.

This sweet little lady kept her precious mama oh so busy. She wanted to see everything and had a bit of a hard time sitting still. But how could we blame her since there was just so much to see. I love this picture of her. I should nick name her cupcake since I am always saying that I could eat her up!

Only one of the many lovely houses we saw on our ride. Amazing but I sure wouldn't want to clean it!

And here is our fun little crew after our tour was done. Many thanks again to my dear sister in law Em who made my trip to Charleston such a fun and memorable one!! I so enjoyed my time with you sweet sis! More to come soon....

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