Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back at the beach!

This was our last day at the beach in S.C. so Karina got a great idea to set up a nice little spot to enjoy the view for just a little longer...

This is my crazy little beach girl on a very cool night sitting happy as can be eating her ice cream. No she didn't eat two cups full I promise. But she sure didn't want to leave the beach that night. So we told the others we'd be back in a bit and just had some sweet mommy and daughter time to ourselves. Then it was back to the house for a warm bath and a cozy bed.

Here are just some scenic shots that I love to take.

I have one more post to finish out our vacation so I will be on again soon. Hope you all have enjoyed these so far and that you are able to enjoy your own little or long vacation this summer as well. Whether you can go to the beach, take a long walk down a quiet road, or simply sit on your porch and listen to the birds. Do get out into this great world the Lord has made for us and see His beauty and majesty all around you and give Him praise!!

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