Friday, May 30, 2008

beginning at the beach...

I know it's about time right?! Well I have just been enjoying being at home and getting back into the swing of things at my own pace and it's been wonderful! But yes, here are a few of the long awaited vacation pics. I am going to put them in a few different posts because it would be way to long to cram them in one.
I think this picture just might be my favorite from our trip. It is Karina and her new little friend Meredith. Kristi's youngest little one just melted my heart.( well all her precious kids did to tell the truth. ) She is such a fun little girl and loved to climb into my lap when she saw me sitting with Karina. They are just a month apart and I could see them becoming sweet friends if we lived closer.

These kids had the best time just being at the beach and I will say that I think it is the best source of entertainment ever! Thank you Lord!

Playing happily. Don't Caroline and Karina look to sweet playing in their matching swim suits. Their Nana was so sweet to give these to them. Thanks again Mom!

No this last picture is not of the house we stayed in, but ours was adorable and I will post pictures of it soon. That was however the path we took going from the beach back to our house that was over the dune, down the sandy path and across the street. Stay tuned for more....

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