Saturday, April 26, 2008

Adoring April beach days!!

There's not much to say for this post except it was a gorgeous day at the beach this last week. It was our first time swimming at the beach this year so far and the water was great!!

Fun birthday for a sweet friend!

A couple weeks ago now I hosted a fun little birthday lunch for a dear friend of mine. She is a fun fellow knitter and just a wonderful sister in Christ. I have learned a lot from her and really enjoy her company. So it only made perfect sense to show her how special she is. I served taco salads and my mom made the pretty fancy shells to use. We all had a really great time and even enjoyed going outside and having our cake on the patio. So thank you Lord for such good friends and great times of fellowship!! Enjoy the pictures.

This is a fun little gift I put together for my friend Julie. I made these cards with some card stock, cute scrapbook paper and a marker. Now I need to make some for me. :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A recap...

This is just a quick recap about some of the things we've done this month. I wanted to share these pictures but not blog separately about each one. So here we go...

Karina just loves her little cousin Claire. My sister and her kids came for a visit a while ago and the kids had a great time playing and my sis and I really enjoyed catching up. I know it sounds like we live really far away from each other and we don't. But sometimes getting together just doesn't happen. So when we finally do it is wonderful!!

Karina was so excited when some very sweet friends of ours decided to get rid of this little play house and slide and called to ask if we wanted it. She has thoroughly enjoyed it and what a blessing to get something like this for free!!

We hit the mall a few weekends back and Karina had a great time once again in this little ice cream truck. She rode it again and again and even knows how to put the money in all by herself now.

These are some beautiful kumquats that we so happily recieved after going to collect some plants our friends wanted to get rid of. Karina loves these things and I know they are so good for you so I was happy about that. I found out that I like them too after eating a ripe one and figuring out that the first time I tried them mine wasn't ripe. I had stayed away from them till now.

This was one Friday night this month when I had some girlfriends of mine that I don't see very much over for some good food and fun games. We had a blast and I am ready to do it again. We were so loud playing the games I am shocked Karina slept through it!! :)

Karina getting all cozy on the couch with some snack and her new blanket that her Gigi (short for Aunt G) made for her. Thanks so much Rhema! She loves it!!

And finally this is a picture I thought I'd share because it came out so pretty. I sent this to the gal in the UK that ordered some hats from me so that she could pick the colors she wanted.

So there you have it. I still have some fun pictures to put up but they will get their own posting. We had a really fun little birthday party one day and had a gorgeous trip to the beach yesterday. So I will share again soon. Hope you are all enjoying beautiful weather like we are and have a great day!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

I am still here....

Hi everyone, yes I am still alive. I have just had quite a few things to work on besides getting on here to post. That is why my blog has taken a back seat. I was trying to fight off a cold for a while there. Then I was trying to spruce up our yard with the free time I got. And of course I always have a knitting project to work on. I have a newly made friend that has made me an offer of taking some professional pictures of my hats in exchange for some of them. So I am busying myself with that every chance that I get. This is not only exciting to me because of the pictures that I know will turn out great, but it will also be a wonderful opportunity for me to advertise my hats all the way in the UK for that is where my new friend lives. Yippee!! I will try to get on here again soon to update you with all of our news, if you can call it that. :) So until then you all have a great day. It is a beautiful one here. Praise the Lord!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A gorgeous day at the beach!

Oh Lord, How manifold are your works!
In wisdom You have made them all.
The earth is full of your possessions-
This great and wide sea,
In which are innumerable teeming things,
Living things both small and great.
Psalms 104:24,25