Saturday, March 22, 2008

To cut or not to cut.... no longer a question! For all of you wondering what in the world I am talking about, I cut my wedding dress and made it short. Now I know some of you will be gasping for breath that I would do such a thing. But to all of you out there that are just too stinkin' practical like me I think it turned out alright. My parents bought this dress for me three years ago to wear in my wedding out of the j.crew catalog that I had been getting for awhile in the mail. (just to dream of course because I don't shop out of it normally) When I spotted this dress I knew it was the ONE! It was simple yet sophisticated and the perfect style for me. And we didn't even have to alter it when it came in the mail. Shocker! I also saw the short version in the catalog and thought at the time that it would make a wonderful short dress too.

So there it is and here is what it looked like before:

I am very pleased even though it is so not a perfect sewing job. I had no idea how hard it would be to cut a silk gown. So it's not perfectly straight at the bottom, but you can't tell when it's on. Which is good because I am wearing it for Easter tomorrow. :)

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